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5 Must-Read Web Design Materials

Although I love reading, life sometimes gets too busy that I find it hard to stay with it. Happens to the best of us, right? I keep telling myself and my team always to read, to expand their knowledge.

Must-Read web design materials

Reading is not just important. It’s a need. That’s why in recognition of “Reading Across America,” I want to share some of the best reading material that is essential to any up and coming web designer.

1. Dive into HTML5

If you’re serious about web design, then read this Mark Pilgrim’s Dive into HTML 5. It offers in-depth topics about HTML5 – its history, features, and modern application. Chapters are crisp and direct. My favorite part is the “Five Things You Should Know About HTML5.”


You can learn a lot about CSS3 by reading and applying what I’ve learned here, a treasure for web designers and developers. Aside from learning, you can also track CSS updates and developments.

3. A List Apart

Would you believe that there’s a single online magazine that could answer all your questions about web design? That’s “A List Apart.” Filled with interesting and efficient articles, this platform is a must-visit. It’s a portal to enrich your understanding of content, design, user experience, and coding. Also, you can read updates about the latest news in the industry.

4. Moz

You may think that Moz is a website focused on online marketing. That’s true. But what they probably don’t know is it’s a website packed with many web design materials, too. The great thing about Moz is the people behind are diverse with not only marketers but web designers, artists, and writers, too. Not just SEO’s. The website is a hotspot for conversion tips, which means web design tips.

5. Learning Responsive Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide

A hands-on guide penned by UX designer Clarissa Peterson, this book explains the advantage of a responsive website. It’s recommended material if you want to learn effective strategies and techniques in using HTML and CSS. Also, it reveals tips on how to utilize progressive enhancement to improve user experience.

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