4 Ways to Ensure Your Website Launch Doesn’t Get Delayed

The more days that pass = more people going online = the more you need a modern website.

Ensure Your Website Launch Doesn't Get Delayed

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When you take on the task of designing a website yourself you quickly realize how much more involved they are than just slapping up words and pictures. Once you make the decision to hire a professional web design company, here are tips to help expedite your website projects and ensure maximum effectiveness of your time and your web design company.

  • Be clear with requirements – You may have an idea in your head of how you want your website’s final design to look. But others can’t see into your head. Make sure that you clearly communicate to your website designers ahead of time how you want your website to look. By taking a little time to explain now, you’ll save a ton of time later, including a host of revisions, which may be costly, time-consuming, and difficult to execute. Good communication at the onset can help avoid this.
  • Be clear on price – Another benefit to communicating clearly on your website’s requirements is that you and your web design company will be clear on price. By not discussing all of the design and functional features that you have in mind, you may be in store for sticker shock later when you get a design that’s missing half of the features that you had in mind but forgot to discuss. This is a recipe for a disaster. Your web design company doesn’t want to nickel and dime you, but they also don’t want to work for free. It’s essential to understand and communicate budget parameters before starting on a project.
  • Security measures – Just because a website is still in the development stage doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about website security and stability. Your website should be regularly backed up, even before it’s live. This will ensure that you don’t lose valuable time having to rebuild your website because it crashed before it even launched.
  • What’s your game plan – Just like the metaphor of a tree falling in a forest and if it really makes a sound when no one is around, no one will know your website exists if you don’t drive people to it with some form of marketing. Just because your website is live doesn’t mean that anyone is going to call you or buy something. You also need a marketing strategy, and that’s a whole separate animal from your website build. Know ahead of time that you’ll need money to make money after your website is built.

As trite as it sounds, sitting down and talking things out is the solution. Make sure that you work out the particulars before starting a project to prevent problems down the line.