4 Motivating Poetry Websites For Entrepreneurs

The written word can take you to another time and place. April’s National Poetry Month is an effort to increase poetry awareness. Why not embrace the initiative and find inspiration among poetry? Here are four websites full of inspiring poems and quotes for fellow entrepreneurs, business owners, and web designers in Utah.

1. The Hungry Entrepreneur

The name says it all. Although this poetry website is more focused on motivating business owners, its words can inspire anyone that may be struggling in their pursuits

2. Poets.org

Poets.org offers a wide array of selections to satisfy your poetic cravings. And if you’re dreaming of getting your original poem featured and distributed to 90,000 subscribers, this site gives you that opportunity.

3. Poetry Soup

Are you looking for a website with more than inspiring poems? Maybe you find comfort in more than motivational words. Poetry Soup is the site to go if you’re searching for love and romantic poems, short and long poems, classical and haiku poems, and so on.

4. Poetry.com

Maybe, one of the reasons why you love poems is because you’re an aspiring poet as well. Poetry.com is a community of poets where you can let you share your poem, aim to get it published in front of a wide audience, or review poems written by others. After all, there are over 7 million poets on the site.

For National Poetry Month, find some inspiration or just let your imagination fly.