4 Experts on Why You Should Choose a US Web Design Company

If you’re looking for web design for your business, you might be tempted to use an overseas company. After all, they can be cheaper and may even promise quicker return rates. But are the savings worth it? We asked a number of industry professionals to share their thoughts on the advantages of domestic web design companies.

Scott Burton

Scott Burton

Scott Burton, Chief Technical Officer at HYFN


If you are a company with US-based customers, you should consider using a US-based design company for your web design, UX research, strategy and amplification (advertising, SEO). It’s important that you understand the culture of the audience you’re trying to reach, and an agency that is immersed in the culture will be more effective at speaking authentically. The marketer’s chief commandment today is to “Be Relevant,” and cultural factors play heavily into the relevance of the images and messages you communicate.

Reduces fraud

I have chosen non-US web and app design companies who ended up scamming me and not providing the services they promised. When you choose a US-based company, you can look them up and get reviews in your own language and from mutual connections more easily to make sure you are hiring a legitimate company versus a scam or fraudulent company.

Stacy Caprio

Stacy Caprio

Stacy Caprio, Founder, Growth Marketing.

4 Experts on Why You Should Choose a US Web Design Company

Tom Watts

Tom Watts, Web Design, Data and SEO Nerd at topshelfmedia.ca.

Better talent

If your business is based in the US, US web designers are more likely to understand your target market and cultural differences when it comes to design. The US also has some of the best talent out there when it comes to web design and development. That’s not to say that you can’t find high quality design and development elsewhere, you’re just much more likely to find it in the US.

From what we’ve seen, local web design companies can vary wildly in price and offering, so it is always best to shop around. Since every company will attack a project slightly differently, you should at least try to find a company with a strong portfolio, with other work you like, as well as comparable pricing. If you’re looking on a national or global scale, it goes without saying that some of the best companies are either based in the US, or have offices in multiple locations.


If you are primarily a US company, there is a certain quality to the design that comes from someone that is in the US which better reflects US business culture—certain nuances in aesthetic as well as the messaging that is communicated as design is primarily a communication tool.

4 Experts on Why You Should Choose a US Web Design Company

Ovi Demetrian Jr

Ovi Demetrian Jr is the founder and designer of BlocksEdit.com, a CMS for branded email campaigns. He’s been an interactive designer and consultant for over 15 years and regularly blogs and writes about design, digital marketing, and technology.

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