3 Priceless Reads To Increase Website Traffic

Reading, digesting the knowledge, and repeating. When you love what you do you can never get enough of it. That’s why, in recognition of Read Across America Day, we’re giving you a list of great research and reading materials that will help you increase your website’s rankings. After all, who doesn’t love all things website-related.

Here are three sources for great search engine optimization material that will inspire you to increase your website’s rankings.

1. Search Engine Journal’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO

This guide is a favorite among SEO experts because of it’s up to date and straightforward techniques. This material is categorized into three sections which covers everything from solid frameworks for starting SEO, strategic thinking for rolling out search engine optimization, and tactics to get more out of existing SEO campaigns.

2. Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO

If you’re looking for a safe SEO approach, this guide best suits you. It is divided into ten chapters with each part fully equipped with basic knowledge of search engine optimization strategies. It has been downloaded countless times, which means this timeless guide is a golden nugget for SEO enthusiasts all over the world.

3. Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide by Google

As the search engine that practically gave birth to search engine optimization, Google certainly couldn’t go without putting their spin on a guide of SEO basics. What started as a guide to help Google’s search engine engineers was later released to help webmasters, too. Google is clever enough not to give away their algorithm secrets (sorry!) but you can find some valuable nuggets of wisdom.