3 Online Resources for Learning About Web Development

Many web designers and developers are committed to sharing tips, tricks, and other knowledge. As evidence, check out the various online resources for helping people understand more about web development. These web-based tutorials can teach you how to build a portfolio, develop websites, and even launch a career in web development.

Online Resources for Web Development

(Pixabay / Goumbik)

In this increasing-demand field, web developers are evaluated less by certifications than by the strength of their portfolios. In other words, your work samples speak louder than your credentials. Many of today’s best web developers built their portfolios based on instruction from the online web development community, not from formal classroom settings. Here are some of the best websites to help aspiring developers master their craft:

  • Lynda — This site offers a range of video courses from online instructors for a low monthly fee. It gives aspiring developers access to thousands of online courses that range from beginner to advanced. You can choose the classes that best fit your needs and the trajectory of your career.
  • Codeacademy — This course-based online learning site is completely free. Instead of watching sets of videos, users learn through interactive examples that introduce coding from the get-go. Every example will allow you to learn a particular programming language, such as HTML, CSS, or PHP. The various samples let you code within the browser. Your code will then be evaluated by the platform together with explanations.
  • Treehouse — This premier online learning source offers two pricing tiers to users. It will guide you along tracks specific to a certain skill. Videos from various instructors complement each track. The videos cover all aspects of web development.

Guidance for launching your web developing career is as close as the internet. Take advantage of these online resources that work with all different schedules and budgets.