3 Online Easter Eggs From Unexpectedly Large Websites

All of us have a kid inside of us that can’t resist humor and treasure hunts. That’s why online “Easter eggs” have become a craze among popular websites. Here’s a list of some favorite online Easter eggs, as suggested by fellow Utah web designers.

1. Wikipedia’s blank page.

Who hasn’t seen curiously placed “This page intentionally left blank” pages in important sets of documents? While a blank page makes no sense in physical form, it makes even less sense online. That’s why Wikipedia’s blank page is all the more hilarious.

2. The Harlem Shake on YouTube

The Harlem Shake popularized during 2013 left a legacy for itself. The widely watched video starts with one dancer pacing in place. As the beat drops the frame switches to a room full of dancers. The easy to execute dance created thousands of spinoffs, which only fueled the fire. Addicting to watch? Yes.

If you go to Youtube and type in “do the Harlem shake” you’ll see the logo start bopping and as the beat drops the whole page starts dancing.

3. “Sloths! Sloths! Sloths!” on BuzzFeed.com

Sloths are adorable creatures. I think. They look lovely and huggable in every photo. Right? Want to see more pics of sloths? Like, lots on a single website?

Visit BuzzFeed.com. Click anywhere on the page and input Konami’s famous code (Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A). Behold! Sloths everywhere.

By the way, the Konami code isn’t just for BuzzFeed. Countless websites also have secrets, or at least they did at one point, that can be unveiled using the same keystrokes, including UK versions of Vogue and GQ, as well as reddit.com