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Speeding up your Website

Speed is critical for high search engine rankings.  Users are growing more and more impatient.  As a result, they are less willing to wait for even a few seconds for a webpage to load.     As you look to improve the loading speed of your website, here are a few tips:...

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Happy New Year

The year 2017 has been another successful year for our team of designers at Utah Sites. From small beginnings, Utah Sites has grown to be a leader in the industries of website development and local SEO. We have designed or optimized websites Utah companies such as:...

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Thanksgiving Day Web Redesign

The Thanksgiving season spending in 2016 set new records for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Both days experienced double-digit percentage growth, recording more than $3 billion in sales each. The retail industry will be relying on fast checkout options, fully...

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How to Survive a Website Hack

Everyone dreads having their website hacked, but if it happens to you, take swift action to minimize damage. Your initial response may be dread and misery, but there are many things that you could learn from the experience. The last thing you want to do is panic....

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Principles Behind Timeless Web Design

Staying relevant is a challenge when your audience keeps on changing. You will need to adjust your web design to cater to the vicissitudes of human expectations and standards. Even amidst the change, though, some things stay constant, including timeless web designs....

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