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Success in Super Bowl Advertisements

Super Bowl ads are the most coveted advertising slots for any business to consider. But for such a respected advertising spot, you better be willing to fork out millions of dollars. Because the Super Bowl is the most watched show in TV, you have to pay a premium to get in front of millions of viewers.

There’s more than one reason that Super Bowl ads cost so much. Additionally, with modern advancements in social media and shareability, the chance for your ads to be replayed over and over in other mediums is very high. This means more exposure for your company.

A historical example of early viral success is Apple’s 1984 commercial. In 1984, Apple Computer released an ad during the Super Bowl to introduce their Macintosh computer. Three decades later, the commercial that portrays the Macintosh as a fresh change from a dystopian world remains one of the most effective commercials in history. The message is clear, and it connected well with the audience.

Another well-loved Super Bowl ad is Budweiser’s 2002 spot. September 11 of the previous year brought the tragedies of 911. Budweiser made an emotional ad which featured Budweiser Clydesdales in New York. The trained horses motioned in respect for the fallen towers. The effective ad reinforced Budweiser’s image as an all-American brand for Americans.

Sexy commercials are also huge hits. Pepsi has seemed to master this. In 1992, their commercial which featured Cindy Crawford gained a place in history as an all-time favorite. It was sexy and served as a representation on the product giving focus on what the brand is all about. In 2000, pop royalties Enrique Iglesias, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Pink also gathered together for a Pepsi commercial that went viral and has remained one of the most popular and sexy ads in history. And who can forget GoDaddy’s over-the-top spot that put them on the map?

If you have the budget, the right Super Bowl ad can secure your company’s spot in advertising history.

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