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A Guide to Building Websites for Millennials

Millennials are typically defined as people roughly between 16 and 34 years of age. They have been the focus of scrutiny and attention, largely because of their unique purchasing habits and use of technology. They have different expectations compared to the previous generations, causing businesses to rethink their marketing strategies.

Guide to Building Websites for Millennials

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Millennials have a different mindset. They easily respond to demonstrations of authenticity and personalization. They expect your products to be real and customized for their needs. They respond to unique stories, and they enjoy making personal connections with brands.

Knowing that millennials are a significant force in today’s consumer sector and that they are likely to make choices based on what they see online, you should keep millennials in mind as you design your website and marketing materials. The following are some effective ways to appeal to millennials through your website’s design:

  • Tell your story – Millennials like the latest web design trends, but they like stories from happy customers better. They also like to hear your story—especially if it’s a compelling one. Your website will connect better with millennials when you display authenticity.
  • Keep your navigation simple – Understand that millennials appreciate clean and uncluttered websites with layouts that are easy to navigate.
  • Responsive design – Ensure that your website works well on mobile devices, as millennials could easily shift from desktop to mobile at any second. Your responsive website will build credibility with millennials, whom otherwise would run out of patience with an unresponsive website.

Appealing to millennials is worth the extra effort. They make up a big part of the market, and once they find a brand they like, they can be very loyal customers.

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