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3 Proven Ways To Relieve Eye Strain While Designing Websites

If you’re like us and spend most of your time working with computers (let’s say, 24/7) designing websites and working on search engine optimization, you’re familiar with eye strain. Ok, so no one works on a computer 24/7, but you get the idea.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has most of us staring at either a computer screen or phone screen for large parts of the day. Since March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month, I wanted to dive into safe solutions to maintain our eye’s health.

1. Blink more often

Some studies suggest that many people blink less frequently when working with computers. Their excessive focus on the screen causes less blinking or less efficient, partial lid closures, resulting in dry eyes. Blinking moistens the eyes and prevents dryness and irritation. It also temporarily adjusts your eye from excessively focusing on your screen.

2. Take those breaks

Computer vision syndrome is characterized as the result of too much computer exposure on the eyes. If computers are part of your job, you understandably can’t avoid viewing a screen all of the time. However, you can take those breaks that you’re too well known for skipping.

Taking breaks doesn’t mean changing from work tasks to leisurely surfing the internet either. Taking breaks not only helps your eyes take a breather, but you also stretch your muscles and get blood flowing better; all of which can lead to increased productivity.

3. Reduce glare

The slightest of glare from your computer can cause eye strain. That is why some Fortune 500 companies invest a lot in glare resistant wall paints, anti-glare monitors, and other subtle improvements to help out your eyes.

Having worked day-to-day with computers for over 15 years, I understand the importance of eye health. Take the opportunity to recognize the important message of Workplace Eye Wellness Month. Your eyes will thank you and your productivity will reward you.

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