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3 Prank Websites You’ll Love For April Fool’s

April Fool’s Day is one of the rare opportunities when playing a prank can be excused. But before hurling that new prank you have in mind, take a step back in time to understand where April Fool’s Day began.

There are different theories about the day’s origin. The most popular theory was the calendar change proposed by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. Pope Gregory ordered a new calendar and changed the New Year’s Day Celebration from April 1 to January 1. However, some traditionalists ignored the “celebration change” and continued celebrating New Year’s Day as April 1. The people who adopted the change started making fun of those April the first fanatics, tricking them into believing that they had the wrong belief. Those minor tricks evolved over centuries to become what we know as the modern day April Fool’s Day.

Combining our appreciation of a good prank on April Fool’s Day with our love for websites, here are two great prank websites to celebrate the day.

1. News of Future

Need to know what the future has in store? Visit Here, you can read the HOTTEST news of the years; 2020, 2035, and even 2050. Spoiler alert!

  • First Hotel on the Moon Finally Opens (August 23, 2025)
  • Space Trip – Christmas Present of the Year (December 15, 2030)
  • World Population Reaches Nine Billion (August 15, 2050)


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