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3 Fun Things to Do in Utah during Parents’ Day

Parents, did you know that you not only get Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? You also get Parents’ Day each July. Being a Utah web design company, and all of us parents, too, we figured, why not make a list of amazing Utah businesses and attractions to consider for some family fun for fellow Utah parents? At the end of the day, all you care about is quality time with the family.

1. Visit Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City is a well-maintained animal wonderland. Utah’s zoo is quite unique because visitors can enjoy up-close animal encounters of rare animals in unique environment recreations. Don’t forget to capture the family’s smiles. Say cheese!

2. See the Birds in the Tracy Aviary

Birds are truly lovable animals. At Tracy Aviary, you can find different types of birds with over 400 species, including owls and lovebirds. Get the family involved by having everyone identify species of birds that they know.

3. Explore Mt. Timpanogos Park

For the more adventurous family, fellow Provo web design company friends recommend Mt. Timpanogos. Mt. Timpanogos offers options of beautiful landscapes, scenic views of the valley, challenging climbs, animal sightings, or the perfect picnic.

From one parent to another, embrace all that our family-friendly state of Utah has to offer. Happy Parents’ Day.

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